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omg emily is so cool. :)

holy shit

Posted on 2009.11.25 at 00:50
dude. Livejournal. I didn't even know this still existed. I-I don't even know...

omg emily is so cool. :)


Posted on 2007.08.26 at 23:54

wow, the blarney_ninja lives, eh?


omg emily is so cool. :)

that is all

Posted on 2007.01.16 at 00:27
EaReNdiLMRM: i guess saying that doesnt work on buddhists
AP Clarence: yeah im gonna come back as a kangaroo and im gonna kick your ass
AP Clarence: because you will come back as a smaller kangaroo
EaReNdiLMRM: no!

omg emily is so cool. :)


Posted on 2006.12.22 at 12:23
to me! you guys better throw me a surprise party at mike mcnallys house!

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omg emily is so cool. :)


Posted on 2006.12.16 at 20:34
ok, i promise to update more over winter break. you can count on me guys, people who still read my livejournal! so what would be a good name for a scorpion?

omg emily is so cool. :)

let it...

Posted on 2006.12.01 at 07:19
SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg emily is so cool. :)

ruben's tube

Posted on 2006.11.04 at 23:19
ive got a 5' long 3" diameter aluminum duct pipe that cost about 5 dollars, a book on basic robotics (sans microcontrollers, thank god) which cost me the rest of my money, and a a very tentative date tomorrow, which is so tentative that it probably will have to get pushed back another week but i dont even care. life is sweet right about...NOW. everyone savor it...ahh, thats the stuff.

omg emily is so cool. :)

holy foreskin, batman!

Posted on 2006.11.01 at 00:54

"It was believed that the sweet scent that the relic was supposed to give off would ensure an easy and safe childbirth. According to this legend, it did its job so well that Henry was reluctant to return it after the birth of the child (the future King Henry VI of England)."

omg emily is so cool. :)

mike shaver

Posted on 2006.10.29 at 00:50
heres the post you requested buddy, so that when you check livejournal something will have actually changed on your friends page besides kiki posting nude pictures of herself!

school has been flying by lately, and it seems just a few minutes ago when i was baffled by the new school layout. i suppose its a good sign though, since flying time = fun, and the days havent been dragging along to make my life seem longer like with dunbar of catch-22. ive actually found time to read books that i want to read, and i have to applaud myself for that. still, theres so little time in the day, mostly because im bad at managing it, but still. so heres my attempt, by compiling a top ten to-do list, once again:

1. figure out what to do with that one girl
2. finish my short story (and hopefully make it coherent within 4 pages)
3. make a ruben's tube
4. learn to use the piano well enough to play "mad world" at innappropriate times
5. regain my old skill with ssbm so that i can bury big bills
6. get better at tae kwon do
7. find a book on time management (right after i get around to reading one about procrastination)
8. create a solar powered mini stove/mini toaster oven
9. make a dog
10. do a handstand

omg emily is so cool. :)

magical lasso

Posted on 2006.10.01 at 00:30
man, its been a while since ive had time for a good ole fashioned LJ post, hasnt it? well, it seems that i have become busy on such a regular basis that when i finally got a free day today after the walk for literacy, i absolutely had to do seomthing with my hands...

...so once i was done furiously masturbating, a hush fell upon my room and i realized that i had nothing to do, no responsibilities, no committments, nothing but, as the transcendentalists would have put it-nothing but living. and ive got to say, it was the best time ive had in my life, staring out my window without thinking about anything. and so to make the most of my time off, i finished reading I, Robot by asimov, tidied up the room (still horrid, but better), washed all my clothes (i swear to god i went mental on this part, i washed ALL my clothes, about two weeks worth), watched wallace and gromit: curse of the were-rabbit (gromit makes the whole thing worth it, even if the end is a bit contrived), and CLEANED MY BATHROOM. im not even joking, im tempted to invite people over just to use my bathroom, its so squeaky clean by comparison.

also, walgreen is actually paid money for every disposable camera they turn in to be recycled, sort of how it works with aluminum cans. BUT! apparently the profits arent too large, since they were willing to hand in the days load (two beautiful kodaks) to an inquisitive 16-year-old wearing a picture of a walking book on his chest.

so heres the simple break-down in my head so far, ill have to refine it on paper later: disposables typically offer a peak split-second voltage of anywhere between 1000-4000 volts through a charge plate, which is quite impressive but unfit for the task at hand (portable electric stove). however, the DC current direct from the main capaciter is usually around 200 volts, which is still impressive but better suited to its purpose. since what i plan to use for heating (high-resistance wire from toaster) depends entirely on current and not voltage, i plan to find a transformer from the R-shack sometime to ramp the capaciter down to 100 volts, which would double the current. considering that north american wall sockets provide 120 AC volts from the wall, i figure it should be a close enough fit for toaster-wire. now, what i dont know is how high the current is in the capaciter (measured in amperes, or just amps for short), which makes it impossible to convert that nifty voltage number into watts (toasters being around 1000 watts) so its just going to be a "hook it up and see what happens" type craft.

in short, if youve got a dead toaster, send it this way. ill send it to heaven with style.

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